In case you wonder what this nonsense here means: the mun apologizes for being even slower with posting than usual, I fell off my bike and somehow managed to make the thing land on my right arm. I had to take a break from drawing for a few weeks and now I’m behind with many things,  including ask blog replies, unfortunately (which means even more than before, ahem). 

I may have to come up with some faster way to draw them, which could mean leaving out coloring or drawing with pencil. I don’t want to lower the quality but I’m also not fond of posting only one reply per month, you feel me?

I’ll try my best, I hope you guys won’t mind too much
sorry again!

Some subtitles left me wondering though …

(ooc: For those who haven’t played the games: actually Kanbei’s and Yoshihiro’s baptismal names are ‘Chester’ and ‘Joe C.’ - not that these sound much better but I definitely prefer them over ‘Chest’ and ‘Joshy’ (?). Same goes for ‘Xavianity’ instead of Xavism but I don’t want to be too nitpicky. I’m glad Sorin had his appearance!!)

Another useful advice: instead of battling with a sword, attack while dancing on a tank.

Well, there are a few exceptions

(ooc info to answer the actual question: this is an ask account which only follows other Sengoku BASARA related ask blogs, I’mma sorry!)