It’s not forbidden to use your other given name, but our baptismal names are just too cool!

// Random fact: Sorin’s baptismal name was ‘Francisco’, from ‘Francis Xavier’ (yup, Xavixavixaviiii)

Not perfect, but still improved.

((ooc: Yeah, a hat on top of your nun bonnet. Makes perfect sense!))

Thank you! (Especially for your money!)
… Oh, and ignore Muneshige’s face.
Come on, somebody has to do the paperwork!


But I’ll take a cookie. You’re not contagious… are you?!

You wanna join, don’t you?

[ooc: RIP graphic tablet.
Expect a very random use of various media - this time: colored pencils]

The fact that this dish originally comes from Portuguese missionaries … MAKES IT A THOUSAND TIMES MORE AWESOME!

[ooc: I guess the laptop on which I always draw the answers for this ask-blog was too overwhelmed by Sorin’s divine magnificence and now it’s barely working. This sucks, but I hope I can keep up with the answers anyway. (This post was made with some borrowed copics on the worst paper ever. *shudder*)]